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Mundvorhofplatte - Zahnarzt Kfo Praxis Dr. Susann Zellmann, Kieferorthopädie  Berlin Mundvorhofplatte - Zahnarzt Kfo Praxis Dr. Susann Zellmann, Kieferorthopädie  Berlin



Please bring with you any x-ray photographs you have of your teeth and head.
During the appointment we will establish whether it makes sense to carry out orthodontic treatment or whether other specialists, such as a speech therapist, an ear, nose and throat doctor, an osteopath, a dentist or periodontist, should be involved before orthodontic treatment begins.

Since our focus is on prevention, it is important for us to detect at an early stage the factors that have a negative effect on the growth of the skull and the development of the dentition. These possible factors can include dysfunctions and body posture. Numerous studies have shown that typical misalignments of the teeth and jaw go hand in hand with craniofacial dysbalances.
If these are not remedied, it is impossible to achieve functional harmonisation. In fact, quite the opposite is the case. In the early mixed dentition, misalignments in the jaw and teeth are more pronounced and more complex compared to the primary dentition.

Malfunctions include dysfunctional breathing, orofacial muscular malfunctions (especially of the tongue), habits (sucking in particular) and body posture.
If a malfunction is diagnosed, we refer patients to an ear, nose and threat doctor, a speech therapist or an osteopath.
Sucking the thumb, fingers or a dummy makes the teeth go out of shape. Natural self-regulation can generally only be expected up to age of three after the sucking habit has been overcome. Together with the parents the orthodontist can help to get rid of the harmful habit. Sometimes it is helpful to insert an oral screen.