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Treatment of children and adolescents

  1. Early treatment (treatment of the primary dentition)
    Orthodontic treatment may be required as early as the age of three. Malformations can be halted by timely intervention and, if the right measures are taken at the right time, later treatment can be made superfluous or reduced considerably in scale. This applies, in particular, to crossbite and other malformations of the jaw, in which there is considerable mismatch between the upper and lower jaw.
  2. Treatment of the mixed dentition (the milk teeth are gradually falling out and being replaced by the first permanent teeth).
    Orthodontic treatment can influence the dentition at this stage. Functional orthodontics makes it possible to harmonise facial and soft tissue growth in children and adolescents and to increase bite stability through optimal occlusion.
  3. "Late treatment" of the permanent dentition.
    If all the permanent teeth are in place, there is little we can do in terms of growth correction. The main focus of orthodontic treatment in this case is on tooth movement.