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People without teeth are deprived of one of their most fundamental assets. Eating food is much more difficult and putting on a radiant smile, the best way of making contact with others, is out of the question. We do everything to ensure that you can keep your smile.
People’s teeth are part of their personality, so we focus on their overall needs as individual human beings and not just on their teeth. Toothache can cause physical pain and unattractive, irregular teeth can lead to serious psychological and emotional distress. We do our best to make you feel at ease in our practice by providing a friendly atmosphere and comfortable surroundings in which you are treated quickly and professionally.
We attach great importance to a sound diagnosis, proper explanation and comprehensive advice.
We want your teeth to be a source of pleasure to you for as long as possible. We aim to preserve them, not to mend them. Using state-of-the-art equipment and advanced methods of treatment we cooperate with you to ensure that one of the most precious assets you have remains intact for a long time.
Going to the dentist is never easy, particularly the first time. Knowing just how difficult it can be, we take you and your feelings very seriously – and all the time that we need. Come along and see us.

Dr. Susann Zellmann